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Showstoppers Episode 11: Moana Faces Te Ka

Whenever I watch Moana face Te Ka, I get chills and cry hysterically afterward. This is because it's so beautifully done. This episode was inspired by this series of shots here:

I love this scene because Moana realizes Te Ka is Te Fiti, corrupted without her Heart. It makes sense that Moana is the person to put it back because she sees Te Fiti beneath her rage; she sees Te Fiti for who she is. We can analyze a lot more here, but you're not here for an academic thesis. Right? Right.

So here's what I wrote for the scene. I modeled the formatting after what I saw in Frozen's script. From what I understand, you put the song title in quotes, then whatever the character is singing in a different color font, and the lyrics in all caps. Frozen used blue font, but I don't know yet if that's what's universally used.

Regardless, I think the formatting works here.

After this, Moana restores the Heart, and Te Ka becomes Te Fiti. I'm pretty proud of this one. Unfortunately, I could not find the script for Moana, but I think I'd be somewhat close.

What were your favorite parts of Moana? Let me know in the comments!

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