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Rhee’s coverage was clear and extremely helpful to a beginner like me. She has this talent of pulling out the best in you and your work!

Jasmine F.

Miss Rhee not only told me what already worked in my script, not only told me what would strengthen my script, but also encouraged me to seek the best style and format too. Case in point, I designed my script as a pilot at first, a book-to-screen adaptation. After our session, I told her that I originally wanted to make it into a movie, and that's when she encouraged me to write it as a miniseries so as not to lose anything about the story. A two-hour movie format wouldn't do my story justice. I saw even more possibilities now that I could see my script in the best form suited for my story. Rhee is knowledgable, experienced, and she really cares. You can't go wrong with her!

Josiah B. 

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