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Script Coverage

A synopsis of a screenplay or TV pilot. Usually, it will be accompanied by the reader’s thoughts and comments. In other words, this is a book report for the screenplay or TV pilot. Best for production companies and film studios. 


A new service we offer: rewrites of your TV pilot or screenplay. Many writers ask us to go through their screenplay to punch up the action lines and/or dialogue to make their script stronger, especially before sending it to a screenplay competition or producer. 

Comments-Only Coverage

General comments about the major elements of a screenplay or TV pilot. These comments go over concept (premise), plot, dialogue, structure, characters, and then an overall impression of these elements. This is typically what’s done for film festivals such as the Austin Film Festival. Best for writers and writer teams. 

Outline For a TV Pilot or a Movie

You’re planning out the story arc and the major plot points of the story. There are several types of outlines, but for our purposes, this will do. Let’s not send you to the Dark Place (not to be confused with The Sunken Place).


This is a prose version of your screenplay or TV pilot, but it’s most often used for screenplays. This is where you map out what exactly happens. To oversimplify it: It looks more like a short story. The outline is more like bullet points.

Series Bible

AKA Show Bible, is most often used in TV. It has everything mapped out: characters, storylines and character arcs, the primary locations, etc. It’s not necessarily setting things in stone, but it’s more of a guide for everyone involved in the development of a show. It’s mostly useful to the writers, but sometimes directors like to peruse it, too.

Script Software Conversion

Some writers choose to write their script in Word format. To be successful, writers must have their script properly formatted in script software. We offer these services for Final Draft and Celtx.

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