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Showstoppers Episode Seven: The Korova Milk Bar (A Clockwork Orange)

This episode of Showstoppers focuses on the iconic A Clockwork Orange. The shot submitted takes place at the Korova Milk Bar, where our protagonist Alex and his droogs sharpen up to commit violence and other things.

What I love about this shot is how hypnotic and disturbing it is. The boys are stoned and barely have the mental capacity to take in their surroundings. The strange monochrome is fitting here because everyone is wearing white.

The nude fiberglass statues add another disturbing element here, too, because they're being used as furniture, which foreshadows Alex and the droogs' treatment of women viewing them as objects and conquests.

Here's what I wrote:

And here's the Kubrick version:

I realize through this project that I'm much more descriptive where others are sparse, which isn't a bad thing. However, if Kubrick were still alive today and I were to show him my version of this scene, I'm pretty sure he would roast me for the extraneous detail. And I wouldn't blame him.

What are some other cult favorites of yours? Let me know in the comments!

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